The Bar-kays

Written by on 7. 1. 2019

The big hit! One of the most loved song by The Barkays! The american soul group formed in 1966 around mr. Otis Redding with the big hit “Soul Finger”. Unfortunately the original group had a bad plane crash accident where most of original members died. When Ben Cauley only survived he re-founded the group called The Bar-kays. Also James Alexander survived, luckily he was not on the board. So they got the new members:

  • Harvey Henderson (saxophone)
  • Michael Toles (guitar)
  • Ronnie Gorden (organ)
  • Willie Hall (drums)
  • and later Larry Dodson (a former member of the Stax group The Temprees – lead vocals)


  1. Soul Finger (Stax Records 1967)
  2. Gotta Groove (Stax Records 1969)
  3. Black Rock (Volt Records 1971)
  4. Do You See What I See? (Polydor Records 1972)
  5. Cold Blooded (Stax Records 1974)
  6. Too Hot To Stop (Mercury Records 1976)
  7. Flying High On Your Love (Mercury Records 1977)
  8. Money Talks (Stax Records 1978)
  9. Light Of Life (Mercury Records 1978)
  10. Injoy (Mercury Records 1979)
  11. As One (Mercury Records 1980)
  12. Night Cruisin’ (Mercury Records 1981)
  13. Propositions (Mercury Records 1982)
  14. Dangerous (Mercury Records 1984)
  15. Banging The Wall (Mercury Records 1985)
  16. Contagious (Mercury Records 1987)
  17. Animal (Mercury Records 1988)
  18. 48 Hours (Basix Music Records 1994)

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