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Written by on 7. 1. 2019

The american boy’s duo was a major success in the 90’s. They performed a big hit and evergreep of rap “JUMP” originally released on the album in 1992 called Totally Crossed Out. “JUMP” was the nr. 1 of  Billboard Hot 100 for 8! weeks. The duo of boys Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly (died May 1st, 2013) and Chris “Daddy Mac” Smith continued to perform but without a bigger success. In the 1992 the DMC remix by Steve Andreson was released of Jump as a part of successful LP series Remix Culture 7/92

From the discography:

Totally crossed out (Columbia 1992)
Da Bomb (Columbia 1993)
Young, Rich And Dangerous (Culumbia 1996)

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