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# Artist Title Duration Request
76 5th Dimension Fantasy 00:06:22 Request
77 7 ONE FRIEND (mastered) WAV F Angel Rose 00:04:11 Request
78 7th Wonder Living My Life Just For You 00:07:47 Request
79 8 YESTERDAY'S GONE (mastered# Eugene Cole 00:04:38 Request
80 80's Hour In The Mix 01:19:34 Request
81 80's Ladies He Is Mine Forever 00:04:19 Request
82 80's Ladies I Knew That Love 00:04:48 Request
83 80's Ladies It's Easy To Move 00:04:31 Request
84 80's Ladies Ladies Of The 80's (instr.) 00:02:52 Request
85 80's Ladies Ladies Of The Eighties 00:04:47 Request
86 80's Ladies Sing Me 00:04:13 Request
87 80's Ladies Tell Him 00:07:01 Request
88 80's Ladies Turned On To You 00:05:22 Request
89 80's Ladies Turned Onto You 00:03:41 Request
90 8th Day Body Buddy 00:04:06 Request

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