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# Artist Title Duration Request
28816 Wave Toe Jammin' (12inch) 00:05:54 Request
28817 Wax April Lady 00:04:05 Request
28818 Wax When And If I Fall In Love 00:03:43 Request
28819 Wayne Arnold She Make Me Feel So Good 00:04:52 Request
28820 Wayne Hernandez Corners Of The Sun 00:04:08 Request
28821 Wayne Hernandez Dancin' On The Edge 00:03:49 Request
28822 Wayne Hernandez Got The Feeling 00:04:02 Request
28823 Wayne Hernandez Let Me Call You Angel 00:04:27 Request
28824 Wayne Hernandez Livin' Without Your Love 00:04:21 Request
28825 Wayne Hernandez Run Into Your Dady's Arms 00:04:47 Request
28826 Wayne Hernandez Say (That You Want Me) 00:04:09 Request
28827 Wayne Hernandez Someone Believes In You 00:04:16 Request
28828 Wayne Hernandez Telephatic 00:04:17 Request
28829 Wayne Hernandez Why Sleep Alone Tonight 00:04:49 Request
28830 Wayne Johnson It's The Power Of Love 00:05:49 Request

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