Team Members

DJ T-Ben comes from Holland. He played in the 80’s as a club jock in several clubs in the Netherlands and on several internet radio stations during the late 90’s and zero’s. T-Ben is vinyl collector, especially 12 inch maxi singles from the years 1976 – 1987. That’s why they call him T(welveinch) -Ben. T-Ben is happy to play when he has the time, mostly late evening. T-Ben’s Vinyl Mania is back on track on Funkstar Radio! Enjoy!

Clive Brady has been a broadcaster for over 30 years on several FM stations in London and around the UK. His true love is jazz funk and soul which he now brings to us here on Funkstar every Saturday from 8pm cET. Contact Clive at cliveontheradio@aol.com

DJ Klees is from Holland and his life is FUNKY!! In past he was a part of many internet radios with major success till today! In his show you can listen funky and new funk / R&B and you will be surely enjoyed! DJ Klees is broadcasting live every friday starting 10pm with open end…@ Funkstar Radio! Great Funky weekend […]

My name is Ján Čillík (DJ ČIČO), and i was born in Rimavská Sobota, Slovak Republic. In the 90’s i was playing around 7 years in disco bars, actions, etc. Great music is my life! Recently i am playing once a month FUNKY – PARTY and once a year for Radio-MUSICA and now i play more […]

DJ DopeHead is founder of Funkstar Radio. He feels more collector than a DJ. His passion for music started at his age of 6 when he was listening to german and austrian funky programmes on the radio. After grew up and opening options of internet he started collecting funky music, mainly late 70's and 80's on vinyl records. In his show he is playing pure vinyls with records shuffling and mixing. Come and NJOY his shows. Every Thursday from 21.00CET on Funkstar radio!

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