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Every friday 10pm - DJ Klees Funk M(adn)ess LIVE!

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New Chatroom function

New chatroom functionality is available in the main menu on the left under New Chatroom. Don't hesitate to join us there:)
The old chatroom is closed now. We build funky comunity. Thank you for your registration. Njoy!
Guide HOW TO GET into chat and register is HERE (Chat Instruction in the Main Menu)

 User Registration

By registration you will get access to private part of the website. There you can share you ideas or even suggestions.
We also prepared TOP 10 List section where you can share your private top ten songs with us and another users.
Song requests and dedication from almost 30.000 songs.

Registration is completely FREE! We are looking forward to your contributions. NJOY!

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DopeHead - 09:03

Just 3rd post below yours is my guide for such situation...chat has completely independet login and register...thank you.

musicrhythm - 23:40

i have registered and now clicked on link and all with new username so now i go to new chatroom and what now? i tried to put in a name but it won't work

musicrhythm - 23:39

yeah but how do you register for CHAT?

moeluvsmusic - 23:04

do I have to re-register since the chat has changed?

moeluvsmusic - 22:52

so the old username and password won't work anymore?

Only registered users may shout !

Dedication Scroller

Columbus Circle

Song Played:
If You Read My Mind (12inch)

Requested by:

Funky !! Keep up the good work !


Song Played:
A Night To Remember (12inch extended)

Requested by:

For all funk lovers and funkstar radio friends!


Song Played:
Next Time It's For Real

Requested by:

To all Funkstar Listeners!

Jocelyn Brown

Song Played:
I Wish You Would

Requested by:

This song is for DopeHead